Summary of Facilities


Grand Promenade / Main Theater / Lecture Theater / Lounge / Extra Room


01.Grand Promenade

Grand Promenade
The Grand Promenade is a vast atrium with a ceiling 23 meters high. In this space several sculptural works are displayed, which symbolically express our main theme of 'The City and Its People.' Various concerts and performance events are regularly held in this attractive open space.

02.Main Theater

Main Theater
With screens at the front and rear, the main theater is equipped with 35mm and 16mm film projectors as well as a 150" video projector. It is used mainly for the screening of our movie collection and films related to concurrent exhibitions. The theater is also available for symposiums and lectures.


Please come and make yourselves comfortable at our lounge, a bright and open space overlooking the garden. Snacks will be sold here on weekends and holidays.


Special Exhibition Gallery 1 / Gallery for Arts / Gallery for History & Folklore of Kawasaki / Special Exhibition Gallery 2


04.Gallery for History & Folklore of Kawasaki

Gallery for History & Folklore of Kawasaki
This is a permanent exhibition room for our collections of items in the areas of archeology, history and folklore, spotlighting the general history of Kawasaki. This space is also used for short term displays from our various collections, changing its theme from month to month.

05.Gallery for Arts

Gallery for Arts
The gallery consists of three large rooms for a wide range of exhibits from the museum's art collections that include photographs, cartoon and comic drawings (manga), graphics, films and videos, and art literature, showcasing different facets of our collection.

06.Special Exhibition Gallery 1

Special Exhibition Gallery 1
This 600 square meter room is a main gallery for various kinds of exhibitions, such as those organized by the museum's staffs and traveling exhibitions.

07.Special Exhibition Gallery 2

Special Exhibition Gallery 2
This room is about same size as the Special Exhibition Gallery 1 and can also be used for various kinds of exhibitions.
3F Floor Map & Facilities


Seminar Room / Gallery for Rent / Sub Theater / Workshop Room / Museum Library / Nursery


08.Museum Library

Museum Library
Our library houses around 50,000 specialized books and magazines related to the museum's materials for the public reading. There are also video collections and masterpieces of old Japanese movies for your enjoyment.

09.Gallery for Rent

Gallery for Rent
This gallery is an open space for public use and is suitable for presentations and exhibitions of citizens' creative activities, art classes, school works, and etc.

10.Sub Theater

Sub Theater
A small theater / auditorium with 40 people capacity. Our visual collections and films related to concurrent exhibitions can be viewed here. It can be used as a space for lectures and symposiums.

11.Seminar Room 1-3

Seminar Room 1-3
Rooms for 20 to 35 people, these can be used as places for meetings and lectures.

12.Workshop Room

Workshop Room
This space is used for workshops where visitors can experience traditional / graphic techniques.